I have been receiving many questions about the news about a new “miracle” weight loss pill about ready to hit the market.  The new soon-to-be-approved FDA medication is called “Qnexa”.  New?  Uh, not really….It is a combination pill containing 2 OLD medications…one of which is phentermine that we use here in our program for many.  The other component is Topamax, which is an old FDA-approved medication for seizures and migraine headache prevention.  One of the “side-effects” of Topamax is appetite reduction.  But one of the other side-effects is profound tiredness, having physicians refer to this as “Dopamax”, cause many feel dopey on it.  Furthermore, there are warnings about women of child-bearing age taking this.  The media LOVES to flaunt “miracle diet pills” because it is of hot interest to people.  That “miracle” pill is the one that will cause weight loss with NO need for life-style changes or behavioral modification.  Just take the pill, lose weight and the weight stays off…eat what you want!   Posner’s prediction”  There will NEVER be invented this “miracle piil”.  Pills, whether it be an FDA-approved medication, the Serotonin product I developed or any other are only ADJUNCTS to the real issue:  the need to change your dietary and exercise patterns permanently through life-style changes and long term behavioral modification.