Several nights ago we watched a documentary on Netflix about the revolt in the Ukraine that resulted in the running out of the country of their President, Yanukovych.  This was a very inspirational movie that showed the “Power of the People” being able to oust a very corrupt leader that was an obvious Putin Puppet.


I have mentioned this before and I will bring this up again: One of the curses of being a physician that is very involved in weight control is the inability to shut my medical mind off.  As I was watching the movie, I started thinking:  “Wow….there are no overweight or obese people I am seeing…all of these Ukrainians are normal weight.”


On a daily basis, we hear from our patients about stress playing a major role in the inability to lose weight.  From the need for “comfort foods” to the stress-induced cortisol issues, there is a certain “blame” attributed to stress.


Well, I think of the “usual” stresses here in our country:  Busy schedules, juggling our kids needs vs. our jobs, traffic on the Beltway, a jerk boss at work, living in a high cost area.  I compare this with the stress I saw in the movie….stress of having your head bashed in by a corrupt police force, having Russia invade your country, not being able to support your family due to a very high inflation rate…all of these seem a bit more stressful than “US Stress” yet, we lead the world in obesity and a country stressed much more than us such as Ukraine had what I saw as no issue whatsoever with obesity.


I cam away from the movie feeling luckier than ever that my grandparents decided to flee Russia almost 100 years ago.   Yes, we have our own problems, but despite our obesity rate, the not-so-great education system, problems with our healthcare expenditures, etc, this is the very, very best country in the world to be a citizen of.


Back to the weight control arena:   My stern message for today (well, not so stern):  Put your big boy or big girl pants on, compare your stress vs. life-threatening stress as seen in other countries, and take this excuse off of your list of reasons as to why you cannot follow a high protein/low carb dietary plan.