SeroFit One Time Order

  • 3 Weight Management Formula
  • 1 Health and Energy Multivitamin
  • 3 Month Supply

SeroFit is an over the counter, serotonin-based weight management product. It serves as a natural appetite supressant. It is the exact same formula used in the Serotonin-Plus Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program, re-branded as “SeroFit” for all post program purchases. This product is available exclusively to patients who have completed their program at a licensed centers. Each bottle contains a 1 month supply of 120 caplets.

WE ARE EXCITED TO HAVE ANNOUNCED OUR LAUNCH FOR OUR NEWEST PRODUCT: SEROPRO! SeroPro is an over the counter, serotonin-based mood enhancement formula. This product is available for purchase by the general public as of April 2017. If weight control is still a concern, this formula is safe to take with SeroFit. Each bottle contains a 1 month supply of 120 caplets.

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Disclaimer: In order to ensure that we are continuing to support your success, upon completion of your 12 week program we encourage our patients to enroll in post program subscription to receive a 3 month supply of Serotonin Weight Management Products at our discounted rate. You may opt in to a one time order for $149.99 or subscribe to automatic shipments every 3 months for $119.99 (not including tax/shipping). Our automated program ensures that you will receive an automatic shipment every 3 months that contains 3 bottles of Serotonin-Plus Weight Management Formula, 1 bottle of Serotonin-Plus Health & Energy Multivitamin, FREE follow up appointments every 3 months and body scans monthly at participating centers. Please note, our office will not process orders without verifying your enrollment or previous enrollment within one of the Serotonin-Plus Licensed Centers. If you would like access to these products, you MUST first have been on the Serotonin-Plus Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program.