Robert Posner, M.D. is a graduate of Downstate Medical School in New York and a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1984. He has been in private practice in Burke, VA since 1988. Dr. Posner is passionate about helping patients lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

Awards & Accolades

1986: Teacher of the Year, Jackson Naval Hospital Family Practice Program
1986: One of three interviewees for position of Physician to President Reagan
1988: Navy Achievement Medal
2000: Awarded U.S. Patent for oral serotonin supplement for weight and mood enhancement, Author of “Doctor-I Have a Chemical Imbalance-The Serotonin Story”
2000-Present: Medical Director of the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program

Dr. Posner is one of the world’s leading researchers on direct oral serotonin supplementation and its effects on appetite suppression, carbohydrate cravings reduction and weight loss. Dr. Pos
ner is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

“Medicine should be about a family doctor getting to know you and following you throughout your life. You should not be treated like a number. ” – Robert Posner, MD