Weight Control and Denial

I have been practicing internal medicine in our current location for 28 years.  I have many patients that have been coming to see me for well over 20-plus years.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these patients for sticking with me despite our non-insurance participation business practices.  A number of these patients have [...]

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Cauliflower Rice Recipe & Healthy Cooking Ideas

There’s never a shortage of new and delicious ways to serve cauliflower rice, and this golden version is totally worth trying out. The rice is totally worth the effort to use fresh turmeric root! However if you don’t have any fresh turmeric root on hand then feel free to replace it with ½ teaspoon of [...]

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Weight Loss vs. Weight Control

When I was a kid playing stickball in the crowded streets of Queens, New York, when a car would come through the street just as you were smacking the rubber ball with the stick ball bat, everyone would yell "Do Over!!!".  Well, if I had the chance to do a "Do Over" on the SP [...]

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Weight Control and The Scale

The reactions I see from patients as they take the short walk from the exam room to our scale run the gamut of an excited walk to see just how much weight was lost to an almost "Green Mile" walk with an angst look on their faces expecting to see a number that is horrific [...]

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Mood-Boosting Food Ideas

Thoughtful food mixture with the whole nutrients combinations - way to help your body to build, protect, feed your brain and add the ability to deal with stress. . Eat well, exercise regularly - that’s a prescription for this week! WHOLE-GRAIN TOAST, SCRAMBLED EGGS & WILD SALMON Eggs are full of B12 and studies have shown deficiencies [...]

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Weight Control and Mothers

Yesterday was Father's Day, so why am I writing an entry about Mothers?  I was remarking to several people over the weekend how Mother's Day is MUCH more celebrated than Father's Day.  All it takes is to look at the ease of finding a reservation at a restaurant on MD vs. FD:  Clearly, many more [...]

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Weight Control: Breaking Bad (Habits)

Okay, truth be told:  The reason why I entitled this entry "Breaking Bad" is because this morning, for some reason, I found myself missing this series, as I would watch this intently on Netflix while working out on the elliptical. When I watched the last one, the same sunken feeling crept in, similar to when [...]

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Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Minutes: 2:00-3:00 Sit cross-legged on the bed and exhale as you place your right hand on your left knee and left hand on the bed behind your tailbone. Gently twist your torso to the left. Allow your gaze to follow, looking over your left shoulder. Breathe deeply, then return to center and repeat on opposite [...]

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Weight Control and Sleep Apnea

I just read online this morning that the coroner's report on the death of actress Carrie Fisher indicated that sleep apnea may have been a major contributing cause.  When we think about the co-morbidities of poor weight control, clinical entities such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and others are usually listed first.  However, sleep apnea [...]

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Weight Control and Priority

When you wake up in the morning, if you were forced to write out a "priority list" for the upcoming day, what would be on that list and in what order?  Some of the things common to most would be: Showering and getting ready to be at work on time Getting kids ready for school [...]

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