The Doctor As A Patient

  I am writing this entry a few hours before I need to arrive at the Washington Hospital Center.  I am scheduled for a cardiac catheterization and possible angioplasty/stent placement of some blocked coronary arteries.  I went through a similar procedure last December and the cardiologist thought that he had opened every blocked artery.  However, […]

Helping Those Weight Bearing Joints

  Here is a medical definition of “JOINT”:  The area where two bones are attached for the purpose of permitting body parts to move. There are many joints distributed throughout the body bur for purposes of this entry, let’s divide “joints” into two categories:  Weight bearing and Non-weight bearing. Examples of non-weight bearing joints: Elbows, […]

Lulls In Motivation

Motivation is a very important factor involved in controlling weight.  There is nothing fun or easy about curtailing carbohydrate intake, counting portions, avoiding alcohol and/or setting the alarm early to get up and exercise.  We are motivated to do all of these and more, by: Wanting to avoid medications that are being recommended to treat […]

Forgotten But Not Gone/Covid Allerts

An expression pretty much all of us have heard at some point is: “Gone But Not Forgotten”.  This statement is usually invoked at funerals and memorial events honoring a person/people that have made positive impacts on others’ lives.  Yes, they may not be here with us anymore physically, but their impacts on our lives will […]

Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas filled with good proteins

Get your morning protein and veggie fix with these savory egg muffin! in the recipe card below you’ll find three delicious flavors, including 1) broccoli, bacon and cheddar, 2) sausage, kale and parmesan, and 3) spinach, tomato and goat cheese. Whisk 12 eggs. Each muffins requires 1 egg to make. Create your add-ins. Here you’ll […]

Is There An Impact Of Spontaneity?

Poking around on the internet, here are some synonyms for the word “SPONTANEITY”: Casualness Easiness Unpremeditation impulse, naturalness Here are some antonyms to the word Spontaneity: carefulness premeditation cautiousness heedfulness Now, let’s bring the concept of “spontaneity” to the weight control arena.  If we approach the weight control journey with “casualness”, “easiness”, “unpremediation”, “impulsivity” and […]

Do You Feel Tired?

When you go into the doctor with a specific complaint, the physician will usually listen to your symptoms, perform and examination and then develop a “differential diagnosis”, meaning a list of what diseases/problems could be causing those symptoms.  Then, based on the differential diagnosis, tests may be ordered, such as blood panels, x-rays, other imaging […]