Do You Have Many Evenings At The Improv?

Any Seth Macfarland fans out there?  He is the creator of the long-running “Family Guy” television show, starred and wrote “The Orville” science fiction show on Hulu and he has been involved in writing/producing several movies, including the very R-rated “Ted” movies about a foul-talking teddy bear.  One of the funniest scenes in the Ted […]

You Don’t “Gotta Be Me”

Anyone out there can name the “Rat Pack” members?  The “Rat Pack” refers to the raucous, partying, drinking, womanizing male friends that entertained and cavorted together, mostly around the Las Vegas area in the 1960s.  Most people can name singers Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin as the best known members of the Rat Pack.  Peter […]

Does That Chicken Love You?

I have always been amazed at the impact of marketing on our behavioral patterns.  Big companies spend LOTS of money on the very high-end marketing/advertising agencies knowing full well that successful campaigns can make millions, if not billions of dollars for them.  Whether the campaigns involve catchy jingles, funny commercials or compelling deals, we, as […]

Are Peas A Good Choice?

  We have always heard that dietary approaches loaded with fruits and vegetables are “good” for us.  However, when focusing on weight control, prioritizing protein intake is paramount to success.  Vegetables are a good source as well but not all vegetables are “created equal” as this relates to weight control.  There are a number of […]

Expanding The Circle Of Life

Any Disney “Lion King” fans out there?  The incredibly popular movie and Broadway show had a number of memorable tunes, but there was not one song more popular that “Circle Of Life”. The “Circle of Life” isn’t a concrete thing you can point to or look at. Rather, it’s a symbolic term for the series […]