What Is Your Tenacity Score?

Here is a definition of “Tenacity”:  Extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless.   If you were to “self-score” your own “tenacity level”, what would that be? I suppose the concept of self-tenacity needs to be broken down to different aspects of our lives.  For example, some people can be very […]

What Percentage Is Inspiration vs. Perspiration?

The great American inventor, Thomas Edison is credited with the famous quote:  “ Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration.”  He supposedly said this in 1902, but diving deeper into the origins, in the early 1890’s an academic named Kate Sanborn delivered a series of lectures on the topic “What is Genius?” She defined […]

Contributing Factors To Happiness

How “happy” are YOU?  That is a difficult question for any of us to answer.  “Happiness” is a subjective sensation and there is certainly no exact “measuring” system to ascertain anyone’s level of “happiness”.   We all sort of generally know whether we are “happy” and that sensation can change almost hourly, depending on circumstances […]

Paralysis By Analysis

Are you a person that is spontaneous and will begin an initiative quickly OR are you someone that takes lots of time analyzing the pros/cons, risk/benefit and alternative initiatives before embarking on the journey?  I believe that often, age, gender and personality dictate how people proceed in analyzing and then embarking on a “mission”. Being […]