Does The Intensity Of Exercise Matter?

We have always heard that the approach to weight loss is “diet and exercise”.  This makes it sound like an equal equation sort of thing where both components carry equal importance.  This is not the case as the dietary aspect is much more important than the exercise component.  If a person exercises like crazy but […]

The Importance Of The Three “P’s”

  The title of today’s entry, “The Three P’s” sounds like we may be discussing a musical group by that name, but not a chance.  Here are the “Three P’s” importance as they relate to weight control: PLANNING: One of the most important contributions to long-term weight control success is planning.  There are many obstacles […]

It’s The Most _______ Time Of The Year

The title of this entry leaves a “blank” in the middle of “It’s The Most ______ Time Of The Year”.  The “time of the year” is referring to the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year.  The famous holiday song included the word “Wonderful” filling in that blank. However, there are many adjectives that may […]

Are You Drinking Your Calories?

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the weight control arena is that weight control is not about “calories in/calories out”.  The big “X” factor is metabolism rates and certain foods and drinks either will help boost your metabolic rates or decrease them.   Dr. Atkins proved with his famous diet that […]

Forgetting About Past Performance

    ‘Tis Football season right now so time for yet another football analogy.  Here goes: Cornerbacks and safeties in football are responsible for breaking up pass plays.  There is nothing more deflating for one of those players than to allow the other team to complete a long pass resulting in a touchdown.  If a […]