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Concern About Side Effects

Have you seen the commercials that advertise prescription medications directly to the public?  More than ½ of the commercial is spent with disclaimers about how that medication can hurt your kidneys, liver, GI tract and could possibly kill you.  As you are watching the actors in those ads playing riding bikes, hugging each other and […]

Grilling Up That Extra Protein

Lots of protein ingestion, together with low carbohydrate/sugar intake are the keys to getting the body into “ketogenesis”, i.e. breaking down body fat to produce glucose for the cells.  The “best” type of protein intake for weight loss are NOT the plant-based proteins such as beans and nuts, but rather, protein in the form of […]

The Importance Of Body Composition

Let’s discuss this fictitious person:  Male, age 33, 5 feet 10 inches 220 pounds: BMI is 31.6.  With the definition of “obesity” being a BMI 30-40 (above 40 is termed “morbid obesity”) the person is clinically “obese”.  With obesity being a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s Disease, this 33 […]

The Most Common Cause Of Death

What did the following people have in common? Alex Haley (author of “Roots”) John Candy Louis Armstrong Davy Jones (Lead singer of the Monkees) Charles Darwin Rick James James Gandolfini (aka “Tony Soprano”) Elvis Presley The answer:  They all died from heart disease. According to data from the CDC, heart disease ranks number one as […]