Good Friends

For those of you that listened to music in the 1970s. there was a number one hit on the charts that lasted for 2 weeks called “Torn Between Two Lovers”.  The song was sung by Mary McGregor and according to reports, she has stated that the song led to her own marital breakup.  In the song, the narrator professes to be having an affair and her emotions are split between the two people/lovers in her life.

However, as I cannot really find a weight control topic that fits “Torn Between Two Lovers” I will focus on another Mary McGregor song.  This tune was featured in a very funny Bill Murray movie from 1979 about summer camp called “Meatballs”.   The song was entitled “Good Friend”.

During a long-term weight control journey, we all need “Good Friends”.  As I am certain that all of our friends we would deem as “Good”, in the weight control field some of our friends can often be not very good.

A “GOOD FRIEND” would be one that:

  • Offers to get up early and join you for a walk, run, bike ride or gym visit
  • Calls you before a dinner party he/she is hosting and ask what types of foods would be best compatible with your dietary needs for weight control
  • Does NOT try to coerce you to join him/her for desserts at a restaurant
  • Does NOT ridicule you for not downing alcohol drinks at a social function with other friends present
  • Partners with you in recipe sharing, shoulder support during emotional times when you would normally reach for “comfort foods” instead and in many other ways, becomes your “weight loss buddy”.

The more “Good Friends” you have as this relates to weight control, the better chance you will have for long-term success in losing the weight and keeping that weight off.  Just as “Good Friends” will help you, conversely, be a “Good Friend” to your peeps that are similarly involved in their quests to shed that weight.

Enjoy a calming tune, “Good Friend” by Mary McGregor (and for those Bill Murray fans, when you hear this song, you are whisked back to your own summer camp memories from the past).