Grilling Up That Extra Protein

Lots of protein ingestion, together with low carbohydrate/sugar intake are the keys to getting the body into “ketogenesis”, i.e. breaking down body fat to produce glucose for the cells.  The “best” type of protein intake for weight loss are NOT the plant-based proteins such as beans and nuts, but rather, protein in the form of eggs, poultry, fish and red meat.

This entry is being written on a day when the temperatures are expected to reach in the mid 80’s.  Now that we are out of the cold/dark winter, the days are longer, the clock change has the sun going down close to 745PM and the warmer weather present an opportunity: Grilling Out.

Most people have a backyard, deck or an outside-the-garage area that allow for placement of an outdoor gas grill.   Using this grill creates a great opportunity to cook LOTS of extra protein that can be used for lunches and/or dinners later that week.  The cooking surface area of most grills are large enough to make several meals at one time.

Most people are under lots of time pressure due to work, children and home responsibilities.  This provides precious little time to plan and prepare meals that are compatible with the high protein/low carb approach.  This often results in people reaching for protein bars or shakes and these are not even close to being as valuable as “real” protein as his relates to weight control.

So, now is the time..get that propane tank filled, buy lots of protein on your next shopping venture and when you fire up that grill, cook up several potential meals at one time.  Great taste, relatively easy and your weight control efforts will be helped.

And although I cannot really find a fitting song for cooking on a grill, there are certainly some great Sam Cooke songs….here is “You Send Me” with a Dave Clarke introduction.