Organ Abuse

Some of the very worst stories we hear about on the news often involve the word “ABUSE”:

  • Child abuse
  • Spouse abuse
  • Animal abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol abuse

None of us, and I mean absolutely none of us ever want to feel we are abusive to anyone else or get abused by others.

I will not change the topic to weight control (what a surprise, huh?).  We all are made up of a composition of many chemicals, organs, cells, muscles, joints, etc.  These various structures of the body, most notably our organs, are impacted by how we live our lives.  When we are carrying around too much weight we are adversely impacting many organ systems including:

  • Weight bearing joints such as the knees, hips and ankles
  • Liver (fatty liver may lead to organ failure)
  • Heart (increased risk of cardiomyopathy and coronary artery blockage
  • Brain (increased risk of dementia)
  • Kidneys (increased risk of insufficiency
  • Breast, colon, stomach, ovary, uterus (increased risk of cancer)

There are many other bullet points that can be added to this list.

The point: We are basically “abusing” our bodies when we are overweight/obese.  I know this is a weird way to think of the term “abuse” but our organs and body parts are relying on us to “treat them good”.  Therefore, when we do not, we are sort of “abusing” them.

Your organs and the rest of your body parts will return the favor to you if you stop abusing them.  They will perform at much higher levels of functionality to ensure a happier and healthier life for you.

And now I am about to “abuse” you with a song that shows up on almost every “Top Ten Worst Songs” list:  “Feelings” by Morris Albert….I dare you to listen to the entire song.