The Impact On Libido

The desire for sex peaks for most people in their 20’s and then gradually falls off over the ensuring years.  This subject is sensitive for lots of people because of the concern that the decrease in libido, will in some way, be interpreted by his/her partner as being a loss of attraction in that person.  However, it is quite “the norm” for both men and women, as the years progress, to have less and less desire for sex.

Excessive weight impacts libido in several ways:

  • Obesity produces an increase in sex hormone binding globulin, which in turn, causes a decrease in testosterone levels.
  • Excessive body fat releases more estrogen, which in turn, reduces testosterone levels
  • Negative self-body image results in people shying away from wanting intimacy
  • Medications being taken for co-morbidities of poor weight control may lower libido
  • Painful joints may decrease the desire to be put in sexual positions

There are many other conditions and situations that negatively impact libido.  Stress is most certainly one of these factors.  

Lowering weight will not only help raise the libido-generating hormones but will also heighten confidence, self-esteem and positive body image that will all work together to bring libido to higher levels.  Yet another reason to focus on your efforts to shed those pounds.

And how could I not post Marvin Gaye’s song, “Sexual Healing” as an ending to this post?