Making Better Dreams

I am on a “Broadway Roll” this week so here comes another one:  The musical “Dreamgirls” opened on Broadway in 1981 and nominated for 13 Tony Awards and won 6 of them.  Based on the show business aspirations and successes of R&B acts such as The Shirelles, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and others, but closely follows the story of The Supremes as the musical follows the story of a young Black female singing trio from Chicago, Illinois called “The Dreams”, who become music superstars.

The movie version of “Dreamgirls” came out in 2006 and a number of famous stars were in the flick including Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and Danny Glover.

To the topic of “Dreams” and weight control.

  • REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) occurs about 1.5 hours after we fall asleep.  This is the phase of sleep when vivid dreams occur.  Studies have shown that obese people have about 1 hour less REM sleep than non-obese people.  As REM sleep is associated with feelings of being “rested”, the less REM sleep translates into enhanced daytime fatigue.
  • We all (or at least most of us) dream about living long, healthy lives…enjoying our loved ones, pursuing our hobbies, traveling and doing many other things we “dream” about as we transition during the different phases of our lives.  Unfortunately, a major illness can abruptly end these dreams from turning into reality.  Controlling weight allows for a better chance of our dreams coming true.

Let’s all make our dream time increase at night as well as facilitating our dreams coming true.  Stay focused on your weight control efforts!.

Enjoy some songs from this really great musical….a MUST SEE.

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