If I Were A Rich Man (Or Woman)

The other day I posted an entry about “Traditions” and the impact of these on weight control.  The blog was a sort of tribute to the actor Topol, who died several days ago.  He was famous for his portrayal of Tevya, the main character in the musical, “Fiddler On The Roof”.   Aside from him singing the song “Tradition”, he also crooned another famous song from the show, “If I Were A Rich Man”.  In the song, Tevye, a poor milk man, envisioned what life would be like if he was rich.  He sang about a better house, more gifts for his wife and much more time to pray as opposed to working.

I bet that many/all of us have daydreamed about being filthy rich.  Owning a sports team, not having to work, driving the most luxurious cars, having several mansion houses across the U.S. and world….these, and more “wish list” things are imagined if we were “rich”.

The other day as I was flipping the channels, I started watching a movie about Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple.   He passed away at age 56 from pancreatic cancer.  This prompted me to think of a number of other very rich people that died prematurely or suffered life-altering medical conditions.  Despite having tremendous amounts of $$$, being “rich” did not translate into a long, healthy life.  My suspicion is that any rich person suffering from a devastating medical disease would trade all of their riches in for good health.

I know you already know the point I am getting to: As we all chase our dreams of becoming “rich” monetarily, let’s not forget that the greatest “richness” of all is having good health and spending quality time with our loved ones that also are hopefully in good health.  Stay focused on your weight control efforts and your reward will be “richness” much beyond the numbers sitting in your investments.

But, we can all still dream about what we would do if we had an incredible amount of $$$.

Enjoy Topol one more time…

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