The Winner Takes It All

I was listening to a satellite radio station the other day and an old “ABBA” song came called “The Winner Takes It All”.   The lyrics told a story about a relationship breakup and the “Winner” referred to is the person that had moved on to another lover while the singer lamented about being a “Loser”.

Listening to the song prompted me to think a bit more about “Winning” as I believe we all share the desire to be a “Winner” as this may relate to:

  • Watching our favorite sports teams be winners through the playoffs to win an eventual championship
  • Receiving a promotion when many others were being considered for this career changing position
  • Playing in Poker Night with your friends and winning the most lucrative pots
  • Winning a lottery or other contest

There are many other scenarios of life that can be added on to this “I am a WINNER” list.

Focusing on weight control, I have seen many advertisements for weight loss programs/products that end their promotions with: “What do YOU have to LOSE other those pounds?”  We have also seen articles/stories that have ascribed the word “Winning” to the “war” on obesity.

Clearly, successful weight control allows all of us to be “winners” at:

  • Becoming healthier
  • Looking younger
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Ridding ourselves of medications treating co-morbidities of poor weight control
  • Increasing the chances of spending more quality time with our loved ones

Losing weight does, in fact, make us “Winners” on multiple levels.  Stay focused on your efforts to shed those pounds!

And, sorry to disappoint, but no “Dancing Queen” today…Here is ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All.”

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