YOUR No No Song

In 1974 Ringo Starr (of The Beatles fame) came out with a song called “ The No No Song”.   The song was a fun tune written by Hoyt Axton and David Jackson…NOT penned by Paul McCartney or John Lennon.  In the song, the narrator meets a woman from Colombia who offers him marijuana; a woman from Mallorca, Spain who offers him cocaine; and a man from Nashville, Tennessee who offers him moonshine whiskey. The narrator declines all of them, saying that they are bad for his health. Harry Nilsson provides backing vocals.

Although the “No No Song” came out almost 50 years ago the message rings out right and clear in the weight control arena.  We all need to develop the skill set of saying “NO NO” to:

  • Friends that are coercing you to join them in drinking alcohol containing beverages
  • Relatives that try to make you feel guilty about not partaking in cakes, pies and other carbs at family gatherings
  • The waiter that offers bread or alcohol drink before dinner
  • The school parents that ask you to join them on multiple committees

There are countless other situations, circumstances and people that we need to say “NO NO” to during a successful weight control journey.  Many of you out there are “people pleasers” and have a very difficult time saying “No” even once.  

There are many times in life that we do not need to say “Yes Yes”.  When “Yes Yes” jeopardizes our health, we need to do the4 Ringo Starr thing and say “No No”.

Enjoy Ringo Starr’s Top Ten hit from 1974…and the last time he made the Top Ten.

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