Are You Woman?

This entry was inspired by a movie I watched yesterday called “I Am Woman”.  The story was about the life of Australian singer Helen Reddy.  For those 1970’s music fans, Ms. Reddy had a number of chart-topping songs in that era such as “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” (from the show “Jesus Christ Superstar”), “Me and You Against The World” and her most famous song, “I Am Woman”.  The latter song rose to be a number 1 hit in 1972.

The movie chronicled Ms. Reddy’s journey to America from Australia with her small daughter and the struggles she had trying to break into the music industry.  Her struggles were compounded by era-related cultural “norms” and prejudices that made life much more difficult for females trying to receive fair and equal treatment in multiple occupations, including the music industry.  Her song, “I Am Woman” came near the apex of the counterculture era and, by celebrating female empowerment, became an enduring feminist anthem for the women’s feminist movement.

Let’s now fast-forward to the present time and although there are still many gender-related inequities and challenges that exist, many things have changed.  There are many more women than men in graduate schools, medical schools and law schools.  Women are very often responsible for more than 50% of a household’s required income.  Simply stated, the days of June Cleaver staying home, vacuuming the house in heals and making dinner for Ward, Wally and The Beaver are over.  This has been replaced with many women taking on all of the “traditional” home responsibilities AND having to go out there and make lots of $$$.

My opinion (no better than anyone else’s): Human beings are “wired” genetically, hormonally and environmentally that result in us being compelled to engage in certain behavioral patterns.  Instinctually, women are often driven to take on much more of the parenting/nurturing responsibilities of the family unit.  When you add on the pressure to perform great at the workplace and generate lots of income, this can be an overwhelming situation where/when many women simply have zero time to focus on themselves.  This, of course, results in great difficulty in controlling weight, as we all must focus on “ourselves” during the journey.

The purpose of this entry:  For you women out there (88% of our patients are females): Please take the necessary to focus on “You” and do not allow any guilty feelings to seep in.  YOUR health is vitally important and you must find the time to prioritize your weight control journey.  Learn to say “NO” to taskings that are not really necessary.  Take the time to plan your meals, shop for the right foods, get to the gym, etc.

Helen Reddy died in 2020.  However, for those baby boomers out there, her song still is inspirational.

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