Should You Go With Your Gut Reaction?

There is an expression almost all of has have heard ort used: “Going With Your GUT Reaction”.  Here is the definition of this term:  a reaction to a situation derived from a person’s instinct and experience.

Let’s focus on food and/or drinks that derail our weight loss efforts such as high carbohydrate, high sugar and high calorie foods/snacks as well as alcohol.  We are all sort of “instinctual” driven to seek things that make us feel good on an immediate basis.  This behavioral pattern is based on our DNA, and as members of the “Animal” kingdom, we, similar to lower life form animals, will go immediately after food.  Also, as per the definition of “gut reaction”, our experience reinforces the concept that these foods/drinks will make us feel good quickly.

Now, we will turn our attention to the “gut” which is sort of another word for “stomach”.  When the stomach is extended by eating a meal, this tends to turn off hunger signals.  When we are less hungry, we are (or should be) less apt to reach for more food.

So, there is a sort of mixed picture with the term “GUT REACTION” when it comes to the weight control arena:  On the one hand, instinct and experience will tell us to keep eating past the point of satiation and on the other hand, the extended “gut” tells us to stop.

The point of this entry:  “Listen” to your body and when you feel satiated, do NOT then continue to eat past this point (unless this is more protein).  When that dessert tray is brought to the restaurant table after a big meal, do NOT be tempted to allow your “gut reaction to say “YES”.  Instead, embrace the “gut” feeling full and politely say no.

And here is another “Gut Reaction”:  Always place your health and happiness as the highest of priorities.

And, as there are really no songs with the word/term “Gut Reaction” in them, given the freezing temperatures that are occurring this weekend, let’s all go to a Summer’s Place