You Should Not Be Left Alone

By a show of hands, how many of you out there have never said to someone: “LEAVE ME ALONE”?    I do not see any hands raised.  When we hit our wits’ end with our children, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers or others and feel like not being barraged anymore, we will use that emphatic statement: “Leave me alone”.  

There are times when being left alone is welcome, calming and peaceful.  However, there are other times when being left alone feels isolated, abandoned and scary.  We very often need the company/support of the people in our lives that are important, especially or immediate family members.

To the weight control arena:  Being “left alone” can be good at times:

  • Co-workers coercing you into joining them for Happy Hour or other booze/carb fests
  • Friends throwing social functions that will be chock full of foods/drinks that derail your weight control plans
  • Family members snacking at night on popcorn, ice cream, candies and similar derailers coaxing you to participate

Conversely, being “left alone” can be detrimental to losing weight:

  • Not having a person(s) join you on walks, gym visits and other exercising opportunities
  • Not having someone to help you shop, prepare and cook compatible meals
  • Not having someone provide positive encouragement during your journey

During your long-term weight control journey try to NOT be “left alone” as this relates to the positive aspects of being accompanied.  Seek out those family members, friends and co-workers also trying to shed weight and work together.  Also, for those reading these entries, you know that you are never “alone” as the team and I are here to support and encourage you, as well as hopefully providing good tips and insights.  Also, come in for your FREE monthly body scan so you can reassure yourself that we are still with you on your journey.

Enjoy Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”