And The Superbowl Winner Is?

I am writing this entry on the day before the Superbowl game between the Eagles and Chiefs.  Before we launch into the weight control message for today, I am going to give the “Posner Prediction”:  Eagles 31  Chiefs 20.  (This was very painful for me to predict as a Giants’ fan because the last team I want to see win a Superbowl is anyone in the NFC East other than the Giants…Go Patrick Mahomes!!!…Bur, alas, Philadelphia has a great team on both sides of the ball.)

I queried our patients over the last several days as to where they will watch the game and over 75% informed me that they are attending a Superbowl party or throwing the events at their home for others.  When I further questioned about the types of foods that will be available, the “usual suspects” were named: Sandwiches, chile, pizza, wings and a bunch of other stuff usually found at sports bars like Buffalo Wild Wings and Glory Days.  Of course, along with the “main courses” will be an array of chips, dips, pretzels, nuts etc.  And lastly, let’s not forget the accompanying beer and wine.

Clearly, Superbowl Sunday gatherings are not a Serotonin-Plus Phase 1 eat-fest…More like Phase 10 (that doesn’t really exist).   By no means I am suggesting that you ruin your enjoyment of the game by not participating in the socialization aspects of watching an intense football game with others.  However, I recommend that we all do need to keep some mindfulness intact, i.e. keep those derailing food/snack sources to a minimum while loading up on any true proteins available for consumption.  And as always, alcohol intake is a true derailer that can turn your entire other 6 days of diligent work on weight control into a weight gain week.

As you enjoy the game and gathering you are attending/hosting, always keep in mind that you want to stay healthy enough to enjoy many more of these functions for years to come. Try to separate the love of your friends and family from the foods/drinks that become part of these events.

Enjoy the game…and enjoy the best Superbowl commercials ever!