Monthly Archives: February 2023

Should You Go With Your Gut Reaction?

There is an expression almost all of has have heard ort used: “Going With Your GUT Reaction”.  Here is the definition of this term:  a reaction to a situation derived from a person’s instinct and experience. Let’s focus on food and/or drinks that derail our weight loss efforts such as high carbohydrate, high sugar and […]

The Importance Of Self-Monitoring

When a person goes into the doctor’s office for a general checkup LOTS of body “stuff” will be checked including: Blood pressure Pulse Laboratory blood tests including glucose levels, liver enzymes, renal function Weight Most people that do incorporate routine doctor office-based checkups will do this once a year but some will go only every […]

Can Weight Control Impact Hearing?

Hearing loss is often associated with increasing age.  For those of you with family members or friends with hearing issues, this can be very frustrating for not just the person experiencing the hearing problem but also the people around him/her that needs to raise their voices to be understood.  Heating aids can certainly help the […]

Are We “Creatures Of Habit”?

We have all heard the expression “Creatures of Habit” as this refers to the tendency for people to engage in behavioral patterns that are repetitive in nature.  We like to see ourselves as free-willed, conscious beings, self-governing and set apart from other animals by our capacity for reasoning. Yet watch people closely and you find […]