You Can Only Be As Happy As _________

This entry is more geared to anyone out there that are parents.  When completing the line:
“I Can Only Be As Happy As____”,
the following ending may be shared by many people:  “ AS MY UNHAPPIEST CHILD”.  What this statement implies is that as parents, no matter what the age of our children, our own happiness is based on seeing our children be happy.  The “Happy Factor” will be based on a bunch of things in their lives:  Their relationships, progress in school, success in their chosen professions, their financial stability/independence, etc.  

One of the most important contributing factors to “happiness” will be health.  As parents, there is nothing worse than to witness our children going through serious health situations.  At those times, the thought that “I wish it was me and not him/her” races through our brains.  We would much rather take on the pain, stress and other negative impacts of a health crisis than have our children go through this.

I guess there are two aspects of this entry that I want to bring up.

  1. For those of you with children still at home, if any/all have weight control issues, take the steps needed to help them shed the weight.  We are all guilty, including me, of feeling that we need to nurture our children and grandchildren with high caloric/high sugar foods.  We do NOT want to harm our children buy yet, if they are overweight, we, are in fact, contributing to their potential health consequences in the future.  Set the example for them by following a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Let’s reverse the tag line:  Your children can only be as happy as______.  Aside from the happiness level in their children, they want YOU to be healthy and happy.  If you, as their parent, is suffering from a serious health issue, they will suffer as well.  You sort of “owe it” to your children to take the necessary steps to achieve higher levels of health and therefore, happiness.

 Happiness is dictated by a bunch of different things.  Health is clearly one of the major contributing factors.  Stay focused!

And for those of you that are sad that the holidays are over, here is a cheer up song about “Happiness” from Kristin Chenoweth.