The Impact On Outcomes

Here is a definition of “Outcome”: the way a thing turns out; a consequence.

Looking at the definition, the “THING” referred to could be lots of different things including:

  • The outcome of a football game (Go Giants!!!…and already my patients that are Eagles’ fans are taunting me with texts about what they think will happen in next weeks’ playoff game between the Giants and Eagles).
  • The outcome of an election
  • The outcome of a work proposal bid
  • The outcome of a home renovation project

Turning our attention to the healthcare arena, there are many “outcomes” that occur as well:

  • The outcome of a major surgery
  • The outcome of a serious infection, such as Covid
  • The outcome of a significant injury, such as a fall
  • The outcome of a life-threatening medical illness such as a stroke or heart attack

The outcome of many health related events (“things” in the above definition”) can be significantly impacted by the status of a person’s weight.  Many studies have shown that post-operative recovery and intraoperative complications are tremendously impacted by the patient’s weight.  Obese people tend to have many more potentially life-threatening complications during major surgeries and additionally, recovery takes much longer.   There are many orthopedic physicians that will actually refuse to do surgeries such as hip or knee replacements until an obese person sheds some weight. 

We all want very much for “outcomes” in our lives to be good ones.  Staying focused on your weight control efforts will enhance the likelihood of YOUR outcomes being favorable.

And, anyone out there know of a music group called “Love and The Outcome”?   They are a Canadian Christian music husband/wife team. Well, here is one of their songs (sorry…couldn’t find a Neil Diamond song with the word “Outcome”…laughing)