All You Need Is ____


If we were playing a game of “Fill in the Blank”, anyone that likes music from the “Fab Four (aka The Beatles” would know that the answer is “LOVE”.  Their song “All You Need Is Love” was written by John Lennon and released in July 1967.  The song’s intent was to support the peace movement and 1967 was also known as the “Summer of Love”, as there were many antiwar protests occurring in the U.S. and abroad.

Now, we all do know that in reality, we all need lots more than “Love” to survive.  However, “love” is a very important part of life and we all have used that word referring to:

  • Spouses/partners
  • Children/grandchildren
  • Parents/grandparents
  • Extended family members
  • Close, dear friends

We also use the “L” word in describing our feelings toward:

  • Our chosen professions
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite sports teams
  • Vacations we like to take

In our office, I will often hear patients use the word “Love” ascribed to:

  • Wine/beer/cocktails
  • Chocolate
  • Pizza
  • Bread

The food/drink items that people will profess “Love” towards are the very items that derail weight control efforts.  Although we may “love” these things, they do not “love” us back, as cumulatively and over time, they hurt us.

Take a step back and evaluate the various “loves” of your life and you will easily see that the ones listed in the first 9 bullet points above are sooooo much more important than the 4 bullet points that are ingestibles.  Staying healthy will alow you to enjoy the “love” of the people/things that are truly most meaningful.  

Enjoy the Beatles….great nostalgia for sure