The Relevance Of Old Adages

I guess the older we get, the more apt we are to use old adages.  Actually, my bet:  If you asked a person under the age of 30 what an “adage” is, probably there is a good chance that you will not receive a correct answer.  Here is a definition of “adage”: a proverb or short statement expressing a general truth.

When you poke around the internet seeking famous old adages, there are many that have relevance to the weight control field.  Here are some examples:

  • The early bird gets the worm:  Concerning weight control, the “early bird” gets to exercise before work, eat a good breakfast as opposed to the late morning riser.
  • Better late than never: It is (almost) never too late to embark on a weight control journey.  The positive impact on health can occur at any age.
  • Nothing ventured/nothing gained: To quote The Great One, the hockey immortal Wayne Gretzky, you can never make shots that you don’t take.  If we do not attempt to shed the weight, nothing will be gained (oops…lost)
  • Beware of Greeks bearing gifts: Change the “Greeks” to “Friends”…these “gifts” are often alcohol, boxes of chocolates and other items that derail our weight control efforts
  • He Who Hesitates is Lost:  i.e. do NOT wait to start a weight control journey until after a holiday, birthday or vacation….start NOW!
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One:  Find a partner to work with together on shedding weight…the mutual support in dietary approaches and exercise will help both people to an easier journey
  • Stop And Smell The Roses: If you place too many activities/responsibilities in your life, you will not be able to spend time to focus on “you”, and weight control will never occur.
  • Look At The Mother…That is what the daughter is gonna look like in 30 years: That was my Uncle Sol’s worldly advice to a young Bob Posner and although Uncle Sol was a tough guy trucker and not a geneticist, he did point out that genetics play a role in weight control.

Here is another adage that I believe is FALSE when it comes to weight control: YOU CANNOT TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS.  Not true!  No matter what our age, we can still change behavioral patterns to achieve better health and happiness.

And here is an old adage that has nothing to do with weight loss but all “to do” with the happiest times in our lives….special times with our loved ones:  The BEST Things In Life Are Free.

Enjoy Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson’s version.