Do You Need To Join AA?

Looking at the title of this entry, I bet you are thinking that Posner is going to start a serious discussion about alcohol use/abuse.  Nope, the first “A” I am referring to before “Anonymous” is “AMAZON”.  

It is a rare day indeed at my household when I come home and do NOT see an Amazon package(s) sitting on our doorsteps.  I tease my family constantly about them being an “Amazon Addict”, i.e. her propensity for logging on to the Amazon site and ordering “stuff” frequently.

Let’s all face it:  Pretty amazing that you can order almost anything and everything you want and have those items show up often the next day.  Amazon has transformed the landscape of how we shop and order things we desire.  Online shopping, most notably Amazon, has made life quite difficult for retail stores, but for the consumer, the ease and convenience are extraordinary.

I am writing this entry about the use of Amazon (or other quick deliverers) to have us all think of our use of these online retailers and how this usage may impact our weight control efforts.  Are orders being placed for any snacks/foods that derail our efforts? Or, are we ordering exercise equipment, slow cookers or other items that can help us achieve our weight loss goals?

If you are a frequent Amazon user and find yourself ordering “stuff” that is hindering your weight control, join “Amazon Anonymous” and STOP  (well, as there is no such thing as Amazon Anonymous unless we form our own chapter, just STOP).  Adjust your ordering habits to better suit your weight control efforts.

Technology advances have been absolutely amazing over the past 50 years.  However, the obesity rate is much worse now than it was 50 years ago.  We all need to start using technology more wisely to help us obtain a better state of health.

I will end this entry with a funny line from a very funny guy..Rodney Dangerfield (the “I get no respect” guy).   Well,  I finally solved my drinking problem…I joined Alcoholics Anonymous….I still drink, I use a different name…”

Enjoy a classic Rodney Dangerfield routine (Sort of “R” rated)