The Importance Of The Three “P’s”


The title of today’s entry, “The Three P’s” sounds like we may be discussing a musical group by that name, but not a chance.  Here are the “Three P’s” importance as they relate to weight control:

  1. PLANNING: One of the most important contributions to long-term weight control success is planning.  There are many obstacles to successful weight control, mostly brought on by busy schedules.  If meals/snacks are left to last minute decisions without any planning, there is little-no chance that success will be achieved.  Looking at the week in advance and planning out those meals and snacks will be incredibly beneficial to getting that weight down to the healthy/happy number you desire.
  2. PREPARATION:  Yes, it takes time to prepare your meals and snacks.  However, if we try to rely on frozen foods being placed in the microwave, our weight loss chances will go down the drain.  The “boredom” factor also contributes to many people abandoning the high protein/low carb approach needed for weight control.  Preparing meals will allow for diversity and less boredom.
  3. POSITIVITY:  Although this is very difficult, we all must remain in a positive mindset when we are on a weight control journey.  We should never get down on ourselves and focus on past failures.  Yes, there will be weeks when weight will go up but we cannot allow that negativity to set in, i.e. “Uh oh, I can never lose weight so I may as well give up.”  Try as best as possible to maintain a positive outlook.

There are additional important “P’s” to weight control, and here is one more:  Come in to POSNER’S  office for your free monthly body scan.  The accountability and support components to weight control are also very important.

And for those people out there 60 and above (or younger ones that remember their parents’ music) here is another “Three” as in “Three Dog Night”…Just an old fashioned love song!  Check out those outfits with the bellbottom pants!