It’s The Most _______ Time Of The Year

The title of this entry leaves a “blank” in the middle of “It’s The Most ______ Time Of The Year”.  The “time of the year” is referring to the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year.  The famous holiday song included the word “Wonderful” filling in that blank.

However, there are many adjectives that may be used to fill in the blank including:

  • Stressful: For many people, the decision on gifts, shopping online or in stores and other aspects of the holiday season are very stressful
  • Sad: A number of people become sad during the holidays because this time of the year brings back many memories of loved ones that are no longer with us.
  • Busy: Between work, children/grandchildren events, social gatherings etc., this is probably the fastest 5 weeks of the year.

Focusing on weight control, the “blank” should be filled in with the word “Difficult”.  The reasons why weight control is so difficult include:

  • Post-Thanksgiving and Halloween leftovers
  • Holiday gatherings that include plenty of booze and carbs
  • Gifts given to us such as restaurant vouchers, fruit/chocolate baskets, etc.
  • The holiday “mindset” that includes “Oh…weight loss can wait until, the New Year

Recognition of this very treacherous “weight control” period is the first step in ensuring that pounds do not get packed on over these next 5 weeks.  The next step is taking a few minutes to identify what historically has derailed your weight control efforts during this time period.  Once identified, take the necessary steps to mitigate/eliminate these derailing actions.

Perhaps the goal over the next 5 weeks is to stay even and then when the more favorable “New Year Resolution” time period commences, Phase 1 of the SP Plan is more viable.

When we are healthy, all times of the year are “Wonderful”.   Stay focused!

 Enjoy Andy William’s famous version of “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”