Keeping It A Celebratory DAY

I saw a patient yesterday and we were discussing weight control approaches to the holiday season.  Ms. D. (shouting out a thanks to you for a blog idea!) told me that with mindfulness, she was going to ensure that the holiDAY did not turn into a holiMONTH.  The meaning of this: In the past, she would celebrate holidays way past the holiday itself, i.e. eating/drinking the traditional foods/drinks that derail weight control.

This discussion made me laugh because I constantly tease Nataliya about her/us celebrating her “BirthMONTH”.  I am certain many of you can relate to this concept:  The festivities revolving around your birthday tend to stretch out much longer than the actual date of your birth.  Friends taking you out for lunch/dinner/drinks, family recognizing your birthday with high-caloric gifts/meals and your work colleagues’ birthday recognition: These food and booze fests are not limited to that one single day.

During a long-term weight control journey there will be many days when your efforts sort of go out the window:  Attending a wedding, going to a reunion, gathering with relatives or friends, a holiday celebration and, yes, your birthday.  However, it is important to NOT allow these special days to turn into special weeks, months or a year of not being mindful and adherent to your goal of shedding that weight.

One of the major enjoyments of life:  Attending and partaking in major fun events of life.  Being healthy is the major factor involved in being able to attend/partake in these events.  Staying focused and steadfast in your weight control efforts will ensure as best as possible that you will be able to participate in these wonderful events for many years to come.

And what would this entry be without Kool and The Gang singing to us about “Celebration”?