And The Winning Party Is_____



I am writing this entry on the morning following Election Day.  I kind of make it a policy of mine to not discuss politics with my patients. 

My personal views do not/should matter a bit to any of my patients.  I 1000% respect people’s political choices and who they vote for.  Over the years I have had prospective medical patients call the office and ask my staff, before booking a new patient appointment, what “the doctor’s” stance is on such things as abortion and/or other issues that are not service offerings provided by my practice.  My team is instructed to answer those queries with this scripted response:  “Dr. Posner does not perform these procedures and his personal stance on these issues is not discussed with patients.”  Much more often than not, these prospective patients will not book an appointment because they are most likely seeking a physician who shares their positions on these issues.

Over my adult years, I certainly do remember waking up on the morning following Election Day and feeling either: 1- irritated and/or depressed or 2- happy and elated and full of optimism.  However, as time has gone on, the extremes of these feelings are mellowing.  As I get older, no matter what happens on Election Day, I no longer feel strong, visceral reactions in either direction.  The reason?  Experience has sort of proven that no matter who “wins”, life goes on, I still do pretty much the same things I have done and my very best enjoyments in life, i.e. spending time with my loved ones and seeing our wonderful patients remain the same.

The outcome of elections pales in importance to the “outcome” of health issues.  When we are in a healthy state, we can do much of what we would like to do no matter what party/person is elected to office.  Reality:  A serious health issue would be the major focus of anyone’s existence and it matters little what party is in control of which chamber.

So, whether your affiliated party or preferred candidates won or lost last night, please try to not allow this to destroy your day/week/month/year.  The “Winning Party” will be YOU if you can take those steps needed to ensure your own good health.