Oh, What A Night(s)



If I asked you this question, how would you answer:  Here goes:  What can you remember about the night of October 28, 1994?  I suspect that 99% of you would scratch your head and say “I have no idea”.  BUT the other 1% may have had some very special event that occurred that particular day and recite back everything that occurred that night (or day).

Every one of us have had and will have memorable nights (and days).  These are nights/days that years later, we can still remember every single detail.  Perhaps it was your high school prom, your college graduation, your wedding, the birth of your child/children, etc.  These nights/days were/are so incredibly special that our brains entrench these memories in the hippocampus, neo-cortex and the amygdala and we can close our eyes and play the night/day back as if it occurred the day before.

There are other nights/days that we remember with vivid detail that are not the “fun” ones.  Events like funerals for our loved ones, a hospitalization for ourselves or a loved one, a car accident that injures us and/or family members: the details of these nights/days are remembered exactly as well.

As we age, perhaps the great “Oh what a night” events are mostly behind us and the ensuing years will not bring so many memorable positive occurrences and the odds of negative events increase.  BUT, we CAN increase the chances of more positive “Oh what a night” events, such as attending the weddings of our children/grandchildren, being present at graduations, celebrating anniversaries and LOTS more special fun times.  The very best way of increasing those odds?  Yep, stay steadfast in your weight control efforts.   Successful weight control will keep you healthier and allow you to make many more fun memories and lessen the chances of those negative “Oh what a night/day” events.

And for those people that would like a wonderful “Oh What A Night” event, the next time the Broadway show, “Jersey Boys” comes to the area, buy tickets.   For those of us that remember AM radio, you will have an amazing night that you will remember for years.

Enjoy a clip from the movie.