Do You Have Many Evenings At The Improv?

Any Seth Macfarland fans out there?  He is the creator of the long-running “Family Guy” television show, starred and wrote “The Orville” science fiction show on Hulu and he has been involved in writing/producing several movies, including the very R-rated “Ted” movies about a foul-talking teddy bear.  One of the funniest scenes in the Ted 2 movie (starring Mark Wahlberg) is when they go out to celebrate at an “Improv” show and start throwing out scenarios for the actors to play that are not even close to being cute/funny (see the video below).

Now to the concept of “Improvisation”.  Here is a definition: noun. the art or act of improvising, or of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation: Musical improvisation involves imagination and creativity.

Let’s bring the concept of “Improv” to the weight control arena. The part of the definition that refers to “without previous preparation” is, to a large extent, what derails weight control efforts.  People that tend to succeed with long-term weight control do LOTS of planning and preparation and avoid, as best as possible, “improvisation” when approaching meals and snacks.  

If we go into a day when there will be lunchtime business meetings, late night dinners after the kids’ post-school activities or other social events and we “improvise”, chances are that the sandwiches provided at lunch, pizza boxes or drive through bags of food at dinner will become our meals.  Cumulatively, these “Nights at the Improv” will thwart our weight control efforts.

Try, as best as possible, to plan/strategize your meals and snacks in advance and do NOT do lots of “Evenings at the Improv”.

Now, for those out there NOT offended by R-rated language, here is the “Improv” scene in Ted 2.  Still makes me laugh years later!