Does That Chicken Love You?

I have always been amazed at the impact of marketing on our behavioral patterns.  Big companies spend LOTS of money on the very high-end marketing/advertising agencies knowing full well that successful campaigns can make millions, if not billions of dollars for them.  Whether the campaigns involve catchy jingles, funny commercials or compelling deals, we, as consumers, are influenced greatly by these mega-companies’ advertisements.

Yesterday I brought back from my mailbox a circular containing a very good deal from Popeye’s Chicken.  The first thing that went through my mind was that very catchy jingle you hear on their television and radio campaigns:  Love That Chicken At Popeyes”.  Then I looked at the coupon and in very large and bold print, the ad stated: “Feed The Entire Family For $20.99”.  Below the bold statement was pictured a very large bucket containing what seemed to be LOTS of fried chicken, and next to that were large containers of mashed potatoes, coleslaw and biscuits.

There are three reasons why this circular was incredibly compelling:

1-The food looked darn good

2-The price point was incredibly low:  It is difficult to feed one person at a restaurant for $20 bucks, let alone a family of 4

3- The ease of obtaining the food is tremendous…go through a drive through as opposed to preparing and cooking a meal for the family.

During our long-term weight control journeys we must be careful NOT to fall into the “traps” laid out by fast food companies.  Although this is not the sole reason for the obesity epidemic in America, the rise of fast food places in the U.S. parallels the growth of obesity.  Honing in on this particular ad from Popeyes, there was not one “compatible” food source that would help, as oppose to derail, our weight control.  Although “chicken” sounds healthy as opposed to a fast food burger and fries, the fried chicken is not a great choice at all.

Try to NOT fall into the marketing/advertising traps that are set out for us by these very profitable and very large fast food companies.  Although we may “love” the taste and price points of their foods, those foods do NOT “love” us, i.e. they can in the aggregate, truly harm our health.