The Blame Game

I am going to turn the clock back 60 years ago when a very famous song came out written and performed by Shirley Ellis called “The Name Game”.  This song has been re-recorded numerous times over the years by different singers and to this day, anyone hearing the song will remember how to sing “The Name Game”.  (Of course, mischievous boys would love to test the name “Chuck” in the song, but that bathroom humor is better left out of this PG rated blog.)

I am not going to dissect the song, “The Name Game” today, but rather, focus on a different sort of verse that I will call “The BLAME Game”.   When people struggle with weight control, there are often many reasons provided, such as:

  • I had lots of stress at work
  • I traveled so I did not have access to my own kitchen
  • I was required to attend dinner business meetings where everyone was drinking alcohol and eating carbs
  • It was my child’s birthday celebration this week
  • My metabolism is very slow

Many, many more bullet points may be added to this list.  

We previously have discussed the differences between “reasons” and “excuses” but today I want to focus on the concept of “blame”.  Here is a definition:  assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.

When it comes to weight control, yes, there are many reasons why many challenges to success occur.  Spending time trying to “assign responsibility” for these struggles takes away the needed time to do something about it.  The bottom line is that whether we blame our parents, spouse, age, work situation and/or a myriad number of other potential sources for our struggles, at the end of the day, WE need to take control of the situation and be proactive in navigating around these barriers to success.

So, let’s shy away from the “Blame Game” and go back to the very fun “Name Game”.  Enjoy a classic: