Don’t Stop Believing

During a difficulty journey of any kind, there are times when we feel like “giving up”.  This is a very normal human nature tendency.  Personally, I am very challenged when it comes to putting “things” together such as gas grills, hanging a ceiling fan, furniture that comes in parts from Ikea, etc etc.   I am not certain if “handiness” is inherited or a learned concept but for me, there are numerous instances when I have started a project, became frustrated, stopped believing I could accomplish the mission and walked away.

Probably the primary mindset prior to abandoning a mission is the “stop believing” phase.  When we stop believing in ourselves the chances of completing a task/journey/mission go way down.   Belief that we have the skillsets and fortitude to “soldier on” will compel us to continue our efforts despite any setbacks that occur.

To the weight control arena:  Pretty much everyone that have struggled with weight can relate to the concept of “ups and downs” during the journey.  There will be days/weeks/months when weight increases.  If we stop believing that we can ever bring the weight to healthier levels, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.    Although there is nothing easy about this, Do NOT stop believing that you can eventually turn this around, lose the weight and keep that weight off.  If you need any inspiration contact us and we will put you In touch with the many patients we have that never stopped believing and went on to long term weight control success.

And for further inspiration, here is the music group Journey singing their most recognizable song, “Don’t Stop Believing”.