Most of us have heard the acronym “KISS”, standing for “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  Digging into the internet, the origins of “KISS” dates back to around 1960 when a lead engineer for Lockheed Martin, Kelly Johnson, coined this expression to describe the concept of keeping operating systems fairly easy (simple) so there would be a much less chance of problems arising.

Over the years, this expression has been used sort of jokingly to implore people to not “over-complicate” things.  The “simpler” it is to complete a task, the better chances that task will be completed.

Now, the concept of “KISS” in the weight control arena.  First, Posner is gonna change the last “S” to the word “SMART” instead of “STUPID”.  The reason?  I am incredibly fortunate to have a patient base of the most incredibly smart people in the world.  No offense to other areas of the country, but our Fairfax County and Williamsburg locations service an incredibly talented, gifted and intelligent patient population.  I do not name names of course, but our patient lists include famous politicians, business owners, CEOs, world-renowned consultants, professors, etc, etc.   Some of the smartest people one could ever meet.

So, if our patients are so “smart”, why is it that they cannot control their own weight?  On the surface, it seems quite simple to follow a high protein/low carb/low fruit/zero alcohol approach.  This is not rocket science.  BUT, there are many, many factors that make this anything but “simple”.  Some of these reasons include cravings caused by neurochemical imbalances, slowing metabolism with age, human tendencies to seek immediate gratification etc.

Now to the concept of KISS (last “S” is smart):  During your long term weight control journey, try not to overcomplicate things.  Here are some ways of keeping things “simple”:

  • Follow our sample meals plans for the dietary Phase you want to adhere to
  • Make those hard boiled eggs on a Sunday so your breakfast the entire week can be simple
  • Buy the grocery store heated, fresh meals as opposed to coming home from a long day and trying to summon the energy to make an entire SP compatible meal.
  • Don’t overextend your time commitments and make things more complicated by engaging in activities that you do not need to.

Come up with other ideas as to how to keep things as “simple” as possible.  Share your thoughts with us as to how you keep things “simple” as this relates to weight control:

Controlling your weight will improve your odds of living a much healthier, longer and fulfilled life.  And yes, you saw this one coming…here is the group, “KISS” singing one of their iconic tunes, Beth: