Keeping Your Enemies Farther Away


Many patients have used the word “sweets” to describe the derailing food sources that thwart their weight control efforts.  They are referring to the myriad of sugar-laden snacks, desserts and other food items that have a sugary (or sweet) taste.  As soon as I hear a person use the word “sweet” I immediately interject and say:  Let’s not use the word “sweets” anymore.  “Sweet”, aside from taste, is used to describe nice, kind and gentle people and things.  Anything/anybody that is harmful to us should more aptly be termed “enemy”.  Therefore, we should refer to the chocolates, cookies, ice cream and other sweet tasting foods as “enemies”.  Yes, we all tend to crave “enemies” but we should try our best to see these things for what they are…harmful to us in the aggregate and things to avoid.

Now, to the movie, “The Godfather”.  EVERY guy I know can quote at least one line from this famous movie.  One of the iconic lines from “The Godfather 2” was uttered by Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) and he said:  “My father told me to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.   His point was that it is important to know your enemies and what they are doing so you can block their efforts to harm you.

Nothing can be further from the truth in the weight control arena.  Keep your “enemies” (i.e. those cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream and chocolates) as FAR away as possible.  Do NOT have them in your pantry, freezer, closet, work desk or anywhere in proximity.  Let them stay on the shelves of Safeway or Giant.  The truly “sweet” things in your life (i.e. the people you love) should be kept as close as possible.

Enjoy an iconic scene from an iconic movie…and stay steadfast in your weight control efforts OR I will make you an offer you cannot refuse.