The Impact Of Convenience

Here is a definition for the word “CONVENIENCE”:  the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty

All of us tend to want to access “convenience “ in many aspects of our lives.  Our lives tend to be quite complicated at times from the time we awake till the time we bed down after a long day.  Household, job, children and our other responsibilities often are convoluted, detailed and taxing to be able to fulfill all of these requirements in the 24 hour day.  We welcome and embrace anything that allows “convenience”.

From a dietary intake standpoint, “convenience” can take the following forms:

  • Pop a frozen (processed) food into a microwave
  • Drive through a fast-food restaurant
  • Use the Dominos mobile app, send an emoji and your favorite pizza is at your door in a half hour
  • Use your Uber Eats or Door Dash app to bring food to your house from one of the local restaurants

7/Eleven and other local markets are also termed “convenience” stores because they offer up everything from toilet paper to batteries to cold beer to those nasty hot dog things rotating on their grills.

Here is the point:  Unfortunately, many of our uses of “convenience”, as this applies to our dietary intake are quite harmful to our efforts.  The bullet points listed above and many others that could be added, are all derailing activities to weight control.

“Convenience” in weight control could involve:

  • Making a bunch of hard boiled eggs on a Sunday and using these for an easy breakfast during the weekdays
  • Picking up a hot, freshly prepared chicken or turkey breast from the local supermarket if you do not have time to prepare a dinner
  • Using a home delivery fresh food delivery service that offers up protein and vegetable containing meals
  • Following the sample meals we provided you in our SP booklet

I wish I could tell you that losing weight and keeping that weight off will allow for lots of “convenience” in the process but alas, work and effort is required.  Take a step back and see if you are allowing “convenience” to derail your efforts and take the steps needed to combat this.

The last point:  Good health allows for lots of “convenience” in living your life to the fullest.  Stay true to your efforts.