The Importance Of Compartmentalizing


Here is a definition of “Compartmentalize”:  To compartmentalize something means to divide it into separate sections.

Some people compartmentalize their lives and don’t mix their personal and professional pursuits.  Often, compartmentalizing is a defense mechanism in which people mentally separate conflicting thoughts, emotions, or experiences to avoid the discomfort of contradiction.

Focusing on weight control: 

  • Stress from our personal and/or professional lives compels us to reach for derailing foods/drink items to offset the stress
  • Family obligations such as driving kids to post-school activities precludes us from preparing/eating healthy, weight control-compatible meals
  • Socializing with our friends and relatives result in poor food/drink choices as we “join the herd”


There are a number of other bullet points that can be added to this list of “compartment mixing” that occurs when it comes to other areas of our lives invading our “weight loss compartment”.

As difficult as this mission is, it is very important to “compartmentalize” our weight control efforts from the myriad of other “compartments” that constitute our lives.  Allowing these other “compartments” to negatively impact our weight loss efforts, will, In fact, produce failure in achieving our goals.  

And can you believe there as actually a song called “Compartmentalize”?  Here is “Aranda” performing the song ‘Compartmentalize”.