Cherries, Cherries


Well, several days ago I posted a blog called “Sugar, Sugar” and today I am writing about “Cherries, Cherries”.   Songs are inspiring my blogs so yesterday I was listening to a Sirius XM station called “The Blend” and an old Neil Diamond song came on called, “Cherry, Cherry”.  So, today’s entry is inspired by Neil Diamond.

The Serotonin-Plus Dietary approach places heavy emphasis on protein and vegetable intake while minimizing carbohydrates, fruits, fats and alcohol.  However, fruit intake is encouraged, albeit in modest portions.  Different fruits offer different benefits and the focus today is on cherries (cherries).

The nutritional contents of one cup of cherries (without pits):

herries (cheeries) are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  They also contain anti-oxidants that have been shown to potentially limit cell damage.  There is also limited data to suggest that consumption of cherries (cherries) can reduce the frequency and intensity of gout attacks.

The bottom-line:  Cherries (cherries) are certainly a good fruit to incorporate into your dietary plan as you progress past Phase 1 of our dietary plan.

And what would this entry be without Neil singing about Cherry?  Enjoy!