Are We On The Eve Of Destruction?

Resiliency does not even come close to describing how we have all been able to handle the myriad of negative events we have all been exposed to over the past several years:

  • The Covid pandemic with pretty much everyone getting sick either once or multiple times
  • Losing relatives, friends or colleagues due to the virus
  • Not taking the vacations/trips we were used to experiencing
  • Altered school schedules/at home learning for our children during the lockdown
  • The stock market plunge
  • Inflation rates not seen in 40 years
  • Threats of nuclear attack by Putin

Many more bullet points may be added to this list.  Additionally, there are personal/family issues that may have occurred independent of Covid that have/are negatively impacting us. At times, given the multiple “blows” we are absorbing, it may seem that we are on some sort of “Eve Of Destruction”.

I believe that every generation has experienced times when that generation has felt similar emotions, i.e. being on the precipice of some sort of “destruction”.  Scroll below to listen to a very popular 1960’s song that describes this very sensation.

Bringing this to the weight control arena:  When we feel that the world around us is collapsing, does it matter very much whether we ate 14 protein exchanges that day vs. 8 exchanges, drank 64 ounces of water vs. 24, imbibed on 3 glasses of wine vs. none or ate a bunch of carbs vs. avoiding them completely?  The answer is of course not.  However, if, in fact, we are NOT on the “Eve Of Destruction”, and there are many potentially happy/fulfilling years in front of us, it does matter how we approach our daily weight control efforts.

The point:  The odds are very strong that we are NOT on some sort of “Eve Of Destruction” and we must try as best as possible to NOT allow ourselves to “give up” on our weight control efforts because it seemingly does not matter.  We would all love to be healthy enough to enjoy the wonderful events such as weddings, graduations, family get-togethers and all of the other great things that life offers us.  

If I could write music or sing, I would come out with the song “Eve Of Resurrection” referring to the day/night when someone decides to be very committed to his/her/they weight loss efforts.

Enjoy Barry McGuire singing “Eve Of Destruction”: