Let’s Go METS


 Despite the title of this entry, we will NOT be discussing my favorite baseball team, the N.Y. Mets.  I would anger too many of you Yankees, Nationals, Phillies and other fans out there.  The “METS” I am referring to has nothing to do with the baseball Mets.

I saw a patient several days ago that asked the following question:  I dance as my form of exercising…is this a “good” exercise?

Exercise, in any form, is a great added component to a weight loss journey.  The more intense the exercise the better.  Exercises can be compared to each other as far as how beneficial that exercise is.  There is a term called “METS” that is used to evaluate various forms of activities.  “MET” stands for “Metabolic Equivalent of Task” and this evaluates activities compared to the energy expended sitting quietly, which carries a “MET” score of one.  

“Light” exercise such as slow walking, fishing, light housework and similar activities will be 3 or less METS.  Power walking, tennis doubles, heavy housework and lawn mowing will be between 3-6 METS and activities such as playing tennis singles, walking fast/jogging, mountain biking and similar strenuous exercise will be greater than 6 METS.

Concerning dancing, obviously the MET is higher for mimicking John Travolta disco dancing in “Saturday Night Fever” vs. slow dancing to “Lady In Red”.  Ballroom dancing carries a 3.3 MET whereas disco or hip hop dancing has a 5.9 MET.

Based on age, orthopedic and other medical issues, people vary in their capacities to be able to engage in more strenuous/higher MET activities.  The good news:  LOTS of weight can be lost simply by adhering to the dietary component.  However, exercise is a great added component and try as best as possible to up the “MET” of your activities.

And, for you “Dancers” out there, please enjoy the late, great Whitney Houston singing “I Want To Dance With Somebody”.


And sorry, I had to post a second video…a classic…John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever

And lastly, sorry for this one, but LET’S GO METS!!!  Degrom comes back soon!!!