Lulls In Motivation

Motivation is a very important factor involved in controlling weight.  There is nothing fun or easy about curtailing carbohydrate intake, counting portions, avoiding alcohol and/or setting the alarm early to get up and exercise.  We are motivated to do all of these and more, by:

  • Wanting to avoid medications that are being recommended to treat co-morbidities of poor weight control
  • Wanting to look younger
  • Wanting to fit into our more stylish clothes
  • Wanting to regain our higher energy levels
  • Wanting to reduce pain

There are many more bullet points that can be added to this list.

There are certain times of the year when the season adds additional motivation:

  • Summer season approaching and wanting to feel comfortable in front of others while wearing more revealing clothes
  • Holiday time approaching and wanting to look svelte and healthy at all of the gatherings
  • An upcoming wedding, reunion or other festive occasion and being desirous of looking “great”.

However, there are many times in the year when there is a sort of “lull” in motivation.  A good example is August, when the summer swim/beach gatherings are winding down, Christmas/Holiday season is far off and perhaps there are no upcoming social gatherings such as a family wedding or school reunion.  At these times, it becomes more difficult to find the motivation to stay steadfast in your weight control efforts.

During these times I recommend that people focus on their families and the motivation to stay/become healthy so as to be able to spend great times with them in the future.  How much better is it to be chasing around with your children/grandchildren as opposed to being infirmed and not being able to participate.

Keep handy some pictures of your loved ones and if you feel a lull in motivation to control weight, take out these pictures, look at them and realize that this “motivation” is so much more important than looking good in a swimsuit in July.

Motivation to become healthier and happier should not be seasonal.  Stay motivated!

And for those of you tired of watching those old Frank Sinatra videos I post, here is a video of Normani singing “Motivation”…amazing dancing!