Is YOUR Best Yet To Come?

The epic crooner, Frank Sinatra, released a song in 1964 called “The Best Is Yet to Come”.  I attached a video of him from 1979 singing this classic song, at an event commemorating his 40 years in show business.  Old Blue Eyes died in 1998, less than 20 years after performing this song.  In retrospect, his “prime time” years were probably in the 1960s when he and his “Rat Pack” buddies (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop) were carousing around Las Vegas drinking, chasing women and creating mayhem.  So, essentially, the concept of the “Best Is Yet To Come” for Frank should have been sung in the 1950’s before his “best”, not in 1979 after the real fun times.

Personally, I look with realism at my age of 66 and I think often of what lies ahead.  “The Best Is Yet To Come” probably is much more applicable to a 20 year old as opposed to a 50 year old.  When we are on the “other side of the mountain” with less years in front of us than behind us, the “best” is probably not an applicable term.  

HOWEVER, no matter what our ages, there are MANY GREAT THINGS TO COME.  They may not be the best (who knows, they may be) but certainly, achieving more things professionally, traveling to places you never could when working and raising families, attending graduations, birthdays, weddings of your children/grandchildren:  These and more are truly GREAT things, and yes, perhaps even BEST things.

Having good health sets us all up for Great (and perhaps Best) things to come in the future, no matter what our ages are.  This starts with getting focused on your weight control efforts.  Avoiding heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain and all of the other co-morbidities of poor weight control will allow us to participate and enjoy all of those Great (and perhaps Best) events, celebrations, recognitions and all of the really wonderful things that make life worth living.

Sing along with Frank as you are planning your meals for the week!