Is There An Impact Of Spontaneity?

Poking around on the internet, here are some synonyms for the word “SPONTANEITY”:

  • Casualness
  • Easiness
  • Unpremeditation
  • impulse,
  • naturalness

Here are some antonyms to the word Spontaneity:

  • carefulness
  • premeditation
  • cautiousness
  • heedfulness

Now, let’s bring the concept of “spontaneity” to the weight control arena.  If we approach the weight control journey with “casualness”, “easiness”, “unpremediation”, “impulsivity” and what behaviors are “natural (i.e. seeking immediate gratification), there is basically little-no chance of achieving success.

Now, if we bring “carefulness”, “premeditation” (i.e. planning) and the other antonyms to spontaneity to our efforts, there is a MUCH better chance of losing weight and keeping that weight off.

Do you know already what you are going to eat for your next 6 meals?  If not, you are likely to make spontaneous choices and those may not be the very best for your own weight control.

The bottom line:  “Spontaneity” may be a good thing when it comes to keeping relationships fresh, allowing new experiences into your life and other positive results from being spontaneous in your actions.  However, for long-term weight control, keep spontaneity to a bare minimum.