Are You The Top Gun Or Wingman?

I have not seen the movie as yet but my friends, family and patients are telling me that the “Top Gun” sequel starring Tom Cruise is a great flick.   I sure do remember the original “Top Gun” in the 1980’s.  I was a Navy doctor at that time and wearing that uniform certainly brought lots of attention when I was out and about.  Fun days!

In the original movie, Cruise’s character, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is a very brazen, cocky pilot training to be a Naval fighter pilot.  Some of the other characters included his “Wingman” (Played by Anthony Edwards in the original movie) and Iceman (played by Val Kilmer).  Clearly, Cruise’s character is the lead role and in the current version, his role is now to train younger pilots.  Curiously, his rank is now “Captain” as opposed to “Lieutenant”, so he clearly did not excel over 3.5 decades of being in the Navy.  Most officers would have at least made attained the rank of Captain or Admiral by now!

Away from movies and back to weight control:  Successful weight control will allow YOU to be the “Top Gun” in your world as opposed to a supporting role.  Good health will allow you to progress well in your business career and also be the pillar of strength and support for your family and friends.  Why play a supporting role when you can be the lead?  

Stay steadfast and focused on your weight control efforts and your new “look” will also take the “breath away” from your family and friends.

Enjoy the original song from the 1980’s version of Top Gun, “Take My Breath Away”.