The Impact Of Traditions


I absolutely LOVE family traditions.  Some traditions are based on religious preferences, others on cultural norms and many people/families develop their own traditions.  Regardless of the source, traditions tend to bond families and friends together as well as provide opportunities to remember and commemorate those deceased family members/friends that were a vital part of the traditional celebrations in the past.

No matter what the culture, religion or family background, here is one thing common to all traditional gatherings:  Foods and drinks that will tend to derail weight control efforts.  Face it, I doubt that anyone out there has his/her family traditions centered around an athletic outing.  Much more likely, we gather with our family and friends and eat/drink well beyond satiation.

As the pandemic slowly creeps (ebbs and lows more likely) to a less-isolated environment, many traditions/gatherings are starting to take place again.  Reunions, weddings, graduation parties are bringing us all together again for festivities involving high caloric foods and booze.

During a long-term weight control journey we will all be faced with challenging days/weeks and many of these challenges have their roots in traditional gatherings that offer up the foods and drinks that will destroy an entire week of diligent eating behaviors.  I am not recommending to people that they deny themselves of indulging in these wonderful traditional foods.  However, we all must remain cognizant of portion control.

Our goal:  Stay healthy enough to enjoy MANY more traditional events and gatherings.  Controlling weight is your ticket to being one of those people enjoying the traditional gatherings and not one of those people being commemorated.

And enjoy a very cool scene from a movie Nataliya and I watch traditionally around the holiday times, Fiddler On The Roof…Tradition!