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Is There An Impact Of Spontaneity?

Poking around on the internet, here are some synonyms for the word “SPONTANEITY”: Casualness Easiness Unpremeditation impulse, naturalness Here are some antonyms to the word Spontaneity: carefulness premeditation cautiousness heedfulness Now, let’s bring the concept of “spontaneity” to the weight control arena.  If we approach the weight control journey with “casualness”, “easiness”, “unpremediation”, “impulsivity” and […]

Do You Feel Tired?

When you go into the doctor with a specific complaint, the physician will usually listen to your symptoms, perform and examination and then develop a “differential diagnosis”, meaning a list of what diseases/problems could be causing those symptoms.  Then, based on the differential diagnosis, tests may be ordered, such as blood panels, x-rays, other imaging […]

Is The DASH “Diet” Good For Weight Control?

  The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (part of the NIH) developed the DASH (Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension”) in the early 1990s.  This initiative was funded by the NIH in order to see what the best dietary approaches are to help reduce blood pressure. The “DASH” Diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole […]

The Impact Of Traditions

  I absolutely LOVE family traditions.  Some traditions are based on religious preferences, others on cultural norms and many people/families develop their own traditions.  Regardless of the source, traditions tend to bond families and friends together as well as provide opportunities to remember and commemorate those deceased family members/friends that were a vital part of […]